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Welcome to the Brix Wine & Cheese Club!  

What does a wine shop do when they run out of room on the shelves?  They start a wine club!  This club was created to offer customers amazing products that we get to try with our distributor reps, but don’t always make it to our shelves.  Sometimes we try up to 25+ wines a week.  We wish we could put all the best new wines on the shelf, but then we'd have to kick out other favorites.  Here's your chance to play "buyer" and take home something very special that we are reserving just for you.  Every first Wednesday of the month, you will pick up 2 bottles and a new cheese.  Not into cheese?  That's ok.  We can substitute, or skip it all together.  We are happy to customize the club to you.

How do you sign up?  Easy!  It's a 3 step process:  

1.   Choose 1 white/1 red,  2 whites, or 2 reds

2.   Choose a level:

      Every month, the prices will vary within the range of each level.  

 Explorer (Try new things at a great price)  $35-$45

  In this level, you will try 2 wines between $14-$18, and a cheese up to $10

 Enthusiast (Step it up a notch for these beauties) $46-$60
 In this level, you will try 2 wines between $18-$28, and a cheese up to $10

 Connoisseur (If you have refined tastes, you'll love this) $61-75
 In this level, you will try 2 wines between $28-$38, and a cheese up to $10

 3.  Fill out the form in the shop and enjoy the club benefits.

How do we choose the wines?  Our selection criteria includes:
Highly Rated Wines
Great Values
From Reputable Winemakers/Wineries
Hand selected by Brix Staff
Special Releases

Members also receive:

Exclusive monthly email describing the wines from each tier and cheese

10% off any purchase on day of pick-up.

Please Call Karen for more information and to sign up.  406-393-2202

We look forward to having you in our club!

6 for $60 Brix Mix

Our monthly 6 wines for $60 program has been a hit.  If you're familiar with it and love our monthly selections, why not join this as a club?   We can keep your card on file, charge it once a month, and call you when the wine is ready to pick up.  Then all you have to do is pick up and go.  Always $60.  Easy!